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Missouri Umbrella Insurance Coverage

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Umbrella Insurance in Missouri

If you have assets that you want to protect in Missouri or run a business or personal life that could be prone to defamation or lawsuits, you may want to consider umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance is an insurance policy that serves as an umbrella when caps on other insurance limits are met and when you face a legal problem not covered by any of your other insurance policies.

At Swartz Premier Group Insurance, we want Columbia and Moberly, MO residents and business owners to be protected financially from every potential risk. Umbrella insurance will provide that coverage in many legal scenarios.

Why Get Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is coverage for when you face a crisis, and your other insurance policies won't cover it.

You may need it after a car accident. When your car insurance or the other driver's insurance does not cover the damages from the accident, umbrella insurance will.

Umbrella insurance serves the same function for personal liabilities when you have a problem at your home or business and your liability caps are met.

Another standard function of umbrella insurance is to cover you if you face a lawsuit, defamation suit, false arrest, or even malicious prosecution. Umbrella insurance will cover you when other insurance policies, such as professional liability, home insurance, or commercial insurance caps, are met.

Even with professional liability insurance, home insurance, and commercial insurance, umbrella insurance is a good idea. It's that extra protection you'll have when you need it.

Get Umbrella Insurance Today

If you are wondering if you are covered enough for all liabilities with your Missouri home or business, then you probably aren't as covered as you can be. Top off your coverage, and your peace of mind, with some umbrella insurance.

At Swartz Premier Group Insurance, we want Columbia and Moberly, MO residents and business owners to have as much coverage as needed. Call us for a quote on umbrella insurance today.


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